In the last couple years I have had countless people in our region of Northern Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin come forward with bizarre stories of strange unidentified objects in the sky. I had shared my own story on the radio about seeing something strange in the sky which I still don't know what was. That same day I received several e-mails and multiple voicemails from people eager to share their stories with someone who would believe.

Fast forward a couple of years and now the government has admitted that their are unidentified aerial phenomenon out there, and we need to figure out what they are. It does validate that people who have had some of these sightings may actually be right. Many people are afraid to come forward because of the stigma that surrounds UFO crackjobs.

Early in July I received an e-mail from a woman who lives on the North Shore of Lake Superior near Two Harbors. She was listening to our program where we were talking about recent sightings and she wanted to share her story. It goes like this.

They live on the edge of a thick forested area near Lake Superior. It was on July 5, 2018 when she woke up after midnight. She thought her neighbor might be shooting off fireworks when she looked out the window. At 12:15 am she looked up to see a huge round UFO with five oscillating lights on the underside.

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It was just above the tree line. The red pines on their property are about 70 feet tall. There was no noise at all, and they had their windows even open. She describes the bottom of looklike like an old Norelco razor. After about 30 seconds it "zipped" towards Duluth.

I asked her if I could share her story and chose to keep her anonymous. She is certain that what she saw wasn't an aircraft, weather phenomenon, satellite, or anything else because it was so close.  She also wonders if Lake Superior could play a part in it as the lake drops very deep just behind their house. A lot of these UFO sightings in recent years have taken place large bodies of water. She was unable to get a photo of it because she didn't have her phone with her. She was getting up to use the bathroom and who brings their phone to the bathroom in the middle of the night?

Once you see something like this, it greatly affects you. Since the incident she's been collecting books and articles on paranormal and UFOs. As she describes, you don't see something like this and not be affected.

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