There was a potential bigfoot sighting in North Central Wisconsin just reported recently. The sighting occurred this last fall but wasn't registered in the BFRO database until just recently. The Big Foot Research Organization takes reports and sightings seriously and then follows up with an investigation and interview. This sighting has many people scratching their heads trying to come up with a plausible explanation.

A duck hunter submitted photos and video of the sighting to the organization back in October. He and another person were hunting in Vilas County, Wisconsin. That's in North Central Wisconsin, just south of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The area of the sighting was in Powell Marsh.

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The gentleman wished to remain anonymous as he works as a senior investment advisor in Madison Wisconsin. He owns a cabin near the area the sighting occurred and has been hunting there for 15 years. This got him spooked though and hopes he can figure out exactly what he saw.

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The sighting happened on October 17, 2021 at about 10:45am on a clear day. He and a friend were out duck hunting in a very remote marsh area that's surrounded by thousands of acres of state and national forests. What he saw was a bipedal creature walking through the swamp. It was large, black, and fast. It was off in the distance and he watched it for about 200 yards before he decided to grab his cell phone and take an image.

The hunter describes the creature as almost appearing to float across the top of the marsh, almost like someone on a bicycle in the peat moss. What's strange is that the person tried to walk in the same area and it was so thick and swampy that they turned back after only 5 feet.

The photos can be seen on the BFOR website, [DIRECT LINK TO VIDEO BELOW] but in a typical fashion, they are blurry. That's what happens with a camera phone when you try to zoom in on an object 300 yards away. Still, given the remote location and the fact that you can clearly see a large figure in a swamp is worth something. Looking at the still photos I wasn't impressed. But when I finally got the video to open that changed my mind. Something strange is up here.

The hunter checked local parking areas to see if anyone else was in the area and didn't find any sign of other humans on that day.  The BFRO investigator was Matthew Moneymaker from the hit show "Finding Bigfoot." He deems this sighting to be very credible.

The video below shows a brief clip of the object moving. If you do not see the video below this paragraph, you may have to save the video and open it in a media player to see it. It moves exactly as he described and is quite eerie. The hunter that reported this would love an explanation so that he can hunt in peace without having to worry about what's out there. Many hunters over the years have had bizarre encounters with what they believe was bigfoot. Some of them got spooked enough to not return to the woods again.

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