There is no question that these last few years rainfall has been much above normal. How do you deal with too much rain? The answer is expensive but quite simple. You talk to your farmer neighbor who purchased a tile plow. My mom remembers as a child helping cook dinner for the men who were tiling. They dug the trenches by hand with spades! Then tiling machines came along which was a big wheel with teeth on it that dug the trench It was time consuming and each tile was put in one at a time.

Today we have tile plows that are laser controlled to stay on grade. Many farmers have purchased tile plows to tile their own land and their neighbors to make a little extra money. Technology and computers have made this all possible. When Mark finished one line the tractor would drive itself exactly 100 feet over and then drive back to the main. While the tractor was driving back to the main the computer was surveying the next line. You hooked up the plastic tile and you were ready for the next line.

In one picture you can see the tile lines across the field exactly parallel and 100 feet apart. In the other picture is Mark, his big four wheel drive tractor with the tile plow in back. You can see the black plastic tile strung along the next line. Because some spots in the field were wet he could not get the traction to pull the tile plow. That is why you are tiling right? So, I drove Mark's front wheel assist tractor hooked to the four wheel drive tractor.

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