While scrolling my news feed recently, I saw a friend posting about a website filled with personal information. I checked it out for myself, and sure enough, it had my name, phone number, every address I have ever had, my email accounts, and all of my family listed under family and some friends listed under associates. With a quick search, anyone could quickly learn a lot about me, so I removed my name and information, and you can too!

The website is truepeoplesearch.com and I was pretty shocked to see the scope of information that it had. I was able to see the address of every residence I have lived in since birth. In addition to finding my own information, I was easily able to find my family’s information.

The good news is, if the idea of people being able to look up a large amount of information very easily makes you uncomfortable, you can opt out of the website. It will take a few hours for your information to be removed, but I checked and it does work.

To remove your records, go to www.truepeoplesearch.com/removal, check the box agreeing to the terms, verify you are not a robot and then click "begin removal." At that point it will take you to a new screen where you can type in your name. Find the profile that matches you and click "view details," scroll to the very bottom, and click "remove this record." Within a few hours, your information should be removed. But you will have to start the process over if there is more than one profile that you need removed.

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