This year more stay at home Thanksgiving celebrations will take place with COVID-19 changing the game, but some people will travel.

I would imagine if people are going to gather, it will be a small gathering and withing driving range. This year if you are gathering, consider the tips offered by AOL on their website. 

If you are leaving your house, burglers and theives are more sly than ever. There are more electronic devices they use to break into homes while you are gone. I don't want to scare you, but the truth is, their opportunities are getting few and far between, but they are watching and can strike at a moments notice if they see that there are people leaving and don't come back.

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One thing you want to do is print up this checklist from Protect America to ensure your home is secure when you’re away. Make sure it looks like someone is home is the most important thing..With all the smart items that you can buy to run your home while you are away, you can make it look like you have never left or that you have someone in your house.


  • Lock every door or window, including the door to your garage, sliding doors and pet doors.
  • Activate your security system (if you have one)..
  • Keep your yard clean, a well kept home means you have a protected home.
  • Don't leave your valuable out, make them have to work to find them or secure them in a safe or hidden cabinet.
  • Hide keys to anything.



  • Watch your house, maybe turn on lights, collect your newspapers or mail.
  • Tell them where you are, how long you will be gone, phone number to call you.
  • Park a car in your driveway, have your neighbor move it if you are gone long..


  • Put timers on lights and electronic devices like radios. With smart plugs you can control things in your home while you are gone that will scare burglers.
  • DO NOT post that you are gone on social media
  • Have some motion sensing lights so it appears as if someone is home or alerts neighbors to something going on..

These are all good ideas if you are going anywhere this season or Christmas.



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