It all started with that all too familiar sound. My wife asking me to come downstairs into our laundry room. The day before our neighbor told us she had a sewage backup in her basement, so I was expecting the worse. It turned out my wife wanted me to come and listen to our dryer as it was making some awful noises as it started up. After some online detective work, it turned out it was something that we could do ourselves rather than calling in a repair person or buying a new one. Here's some information if you have a similar situation.

It turns out there are about 9 different pieces that could be contributing to a noisy or squeaky dryer. Some of the common culprits are the drum glides/slides, drum bearings, drum support rollers/shaft, or the drive belt.

In our case, it was the idler pulley that was causing the squeaking sound as the dryer got rolling. I found out how to check and replace it here. 

I've found that if you need something fixed, check YouTube first as you can generally find someone who's had the same issue before and either fixed it, or can help you diagnose what's wrong.

The entire repair was less than $30 as I found a part I needed at a local retailer, which is cheaper than a new dryer. Hopefully, this will be the last repair our dryer will need for some time.

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