Imagine waking up, it's snowing or blowing snow. You got up early on purpose, just in case you had to shovel and/or snow blow yourself out of your driveway or garage. Then you head to work with extra time because there's that possibility of getting stuck in the snow, getting behind a snow plow, a slow driver or worse yet end up in an accident or in the ditch.

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Oh wait, that was probably many of you just this morning. This is what we deal with during a Minnesota winter. Snow storms a plenty and even if it's not snowing we have the wind and that can cause a whole new set of problems. But hey, it's not always bad, right?

Just not what we think as we drive into work on a snow day. How many of you think, gee, it sure would be nice if I could work from home. Or maybe you had the thought, I can't believe they're still making me come in to work on a day like today. Lastly, you've maybe had this thought as someone just shared on reddit:

Raise your hand if you just had a good laugh and felt that to your core! You maybe had that argument this morning on your commute...I can't believe work is making me drive in these terrible conditions.

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The reality is we are adults and this is adulting my friends. Remember as a kid thinking, I can't wait to get older, and now look at that and think, maybe I should have slowed down just a little! At the end of the snow day, know that there are many feeling your pain and making the same drive into work to do their jobs, because have you ever asked, what would happen if we all stopped working around here every time it snowed?

I'm not sure I want to find out to be honest. But just know if you feel this sentiment, again, you aren't alone and there are plenty of others on the thread who are happy to commiserate with you, so commiserate away and stay safe out there!

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