Hilarious 'How to Prepare for Winter' Video Going Viral in Minnesota

We are literally getting dumped with snow right now in Minnesota.  A drift is starting to pile up in front of my garage and front door and I made the necessary last-minute run to the grocery store to buy all of the necessities to get through the storm that is being called Olive.  BTW, this is not an "Olive" type of storm.  This is a "Mack" or "Karen" type of a storm..."Olive" makes it sound lame.  If you weren't exactly sure how to prepare for a winter storm, one of my favorite Wisconsin guys, Charlie Berens, laid it all out for us in a very hilarious way.


Popular Wisconsin Comedian, Charlie Berens, Explains How To Prepare for a Winter in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin

Winter Storm Olive has arrived!  Right now, I'm wishing that I grabbed a bag of Snickers or some sort of chocolate because I have zero candy in our house.  I'm not sure I can get through two snow days with the kids without candy, but I guess we are going to try.

One place I did not visit to prepare for this storm was Fleet Farm.  Not only do they have chocolate, but according to the hilarious video that Charlie Berens posted on YouTube, it is also the perfect place to prepare for winter.

What store do you shop at the most for winter items?

Fleet Farm is about a 25-minute drive for our family so instead, we typically buy shovels and other home improvement items at the North Menards or at Home Depot.  They are just closer.  They don't have Charlie Berens shirts though...so that's a bummer.

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Top 10 Items People in Minnesota Stock Up On When They Hear "Storm"

I am pretty sure that as soon as the word "storm" shows up in the forecast, people in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin are just trained to hop in their cars and go to the store. Stocking up on supplies becomes our #1 priority and we shop like we have absolutely nothing in our house to eat. So, we will up our carts with all "the things" and hope we grabbed enough to make it through the storm.

FYI - we will make it through the storm, and some of us will do that with Double Stuffed Oreos. Some of us will not...because the store shelf was empty by the time we got there.

Below are a few of the top items that we grab at the last minute before the storm hits.

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