The partial shutdown of the federal government is entering its second week, but apparently, it's not affecting us much here in Minnesota-- or is it?


That's the word from a new survey from the number-crunchers over at They just did a new survey that looked at how the shutdown-- which is the 21st time this has happened since 1976-- is affecting all 50 states.

To come up with their results, WalletHub looked at several different categories of data, including things like each state’s share of federal jobs to federal contract dollars per capita to the share of families receiving food stamps.

And, perhaps not-so-surprisingly, Minnesota ranks near the bottom of the states affected by the shutdown. In fact, we're #51 on this survey of all 50 states (And if you're wondering how we rank 51 out of 50 states, the District of Columbia was also included in the survey.)

The state most affected? Yeah, you guessed it-- it's the District of Columbia again, which makes sense, seeing as that's where all the feds are, right? Next up though, are some states I wouldn't have guessed: New Mexico is #2, followed by Maryland, Hawaii and Alaska. (Maryland makes sense, seeing as it's located right next to Washington, but New Mexico, Hawaii and Alaska were a bit of a surprise to me.)

But here in Minnesota? Not much of an impact at all. Seeing that we're fairly far away from Washington, D.C. and the fact that we don't have a large military base located here, I guess that makes sense. I know I haven't noticed any effects of the shutdown here in Rochester-- have you?

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Source: WalletHub

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