The Minnesota State Fair gets SUPER crowded, especially on the weekends. So Bring Me the News felt inclined to make a list on how to walk properly at the state fair to not make people mad at you. Let me tell you, from the years that I've been going to the fair, there are tons of people that could use this!

First, they say you need to walk like you're a car. It's pretty simple:

  • Always stick to your right
  • Keep a good speed and follow the "rhythm" of pedestrian traffic
  • And, simply, watch where the heck you're going

Their next tip: stop walking in groups. Now, this is definitely hard for me. There are plenty of years that I've gone with a group of friends to the fair, what do you mean I can't walk with them? Bring Me the News suggests walking in a line, not all clumped together. I suppose that makes sense, if it gets us to the next food vendor faster, I'm ok with it.

And their final tip for walking at the state fair is making sure to keep an eye on your kids. I think this is a given though. Also, fun fact, there are free ID wristbands that you can get at the information booths at the fair. That way if you and your kids do get separated, people know who to call!

Here's how Bring Me the News summarizes these tips for walking at the fair in a way that won't drive people up a wall (number 3 is my BIGGEST pet peeve):

1. Always stay to your right, just like you would on the road.

2. Don't text and walk.

3. Do NOT stop in the middle of a crowd. If you need to stop, get out of the way first.

4. If in a group, walk single-file

5. Keep an eye on your kids

See you at the Great Minnesota Get-Together!


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