Sure, they're booked to play the grandstand at the Great Minnesota Get-Together, but a lot of big-time music stars have no idea where it is.

I get that here in Minnesota, we're in that part of the country that some big-time stars call 'flyover country'-- the area you'd NEVER intentionally go to, you merely fly over it in your private jet as you're heading from New York to Los Angeles or the other way around.

Of course, those of us here in Minnesota and the upper Midwest know just how WRONG that notion is, right? Our quality of life here really is tough to beat-- even if some of those big cities might have us beat when it comes to the weather.

But it is a little insulting to hear them try to relate to us when they're here-- like, say, playing a show in the grandstand at the Minnesota State Fair-- and instead make a statement about our location that turns into an epic fail.

Like Darius Rucker did Thursday night, during his sold-out show in the grandstand at the Great Minnesota Get-Together. St. Paul Pioneer Press music critic Ross Raihala was live Tweeting from the show last night and, at one point, noted that Darius just mixed up our State Fair's name.

"Darius Rucker just said he's at the 'Minneapolis State Fair,'" Ross noted on his Twitter page during the show Thursday night.

Come on, man! It's not the Minneapolis State Fair-- Minneapolis is, of course, only a city, not a state-- it's the MINNESOTA State Fair, Darius! I get that it's a little confusing because both locations start with 'Minne...' but can you at least get our name right when you play here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes?!?

And, to not totally dump on Darius (who I do really like), Keith Urban made the same mistake when HE played the State Fair a couple of years ago too. "Great to be here at the Minneapolis State Fair!" he said (or something similar to it). I gave Keith a pass on that one because he's an Australian who wasn't born here in the U.S.

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