Looking at the forecast this week I wondered, did we skip November and maybe December too? Wednesday and Thursday the forecast lows are 14 degrees and the highs are n the mid to upper twenties! That would be a great forecast f it was January and not early November! Those temperatures are around 20 degrees below normal.

The weather has made it very difficult for farmers the entre growing season. Why would we think the pattern would change now? The cold temperatures will take a little more organizing and planning especially if it gets a little colder than the forecast. Farmers typically leave combines, tractors and trucks out in the field when they shut down for the night.

Maybe the newer diesel engines start better in the cold. However even with ether, I would be concerned about getting mine started. So, you take them to a place where you can plug in the block heaters. Then you know that they will start in the morning. The really cold temperatures may start to freeze the soil too, especially where it may be packed down with little residue.

It is hard to believe the soil will freeze and end fall tillage this early in November. However, I remember thinking that last year coming home from the Farm Broadcasters Convention in Kansas City on about November 10. I called Chad to see what was going on at the farm. He was disk ripping my corn ground but sad he was going to have to quit because the frost was getting too deep in the soil.

Growing up on a farm you learn many times the weather does not cooperate. You just try and figure out how to do the best you can coping with the weather.


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