The Animal Legal Defense Fund sued Hormel, the Austin, MN-based company, for it's Natural Choice produces being misleading to customers. The lawsuit says that these Natural Choice products aren't really natural. City Pages reports that "in court filings, an executive confessed that the pigs used for Spam ... are the same ones used for Natural Choice."

An undercover video was released three years ago looking at the conditions that the pigs raised at a hog farm in Nebraska, owned by Maschhoffs. Maschhoffs is "the nation's third-largest pork producer and a major supplier to Hormel."

The video revealed that antibiotics and growth hormones are used when raising these pigs (which, from what I can tell, are then the pigs used for Natural Choice products). Antibiotics and growth hormones aren't exactly natural, hence the lawsuit.

However, the case was dismissed, which seemed weird to me and might seem odd to you too. That's because the Department of Agriculture rules state that "meat and poultry can be considered 'natural' if it doesn't contain artificial ingredients and hasn't been processed." So antibiotics and growth hormones are not included in that rule.

You can read more about the lawsuit HERE.


Source: City Pages


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