It was a grim scene in downtown Northfield Thursday evening through early this morning as word got out that there was a fire at the HIstoric Archer House in Downtown Northfield. The fire began in the first-floor restaurant and after firefighters reset the fire suppression system they had thought the fire was out. That wasn't the case as it appears that the fire made its way into the walls of the historic Northfield home causing serious water and fire damage.

According to a tweet from Jason Rantala at 6 this morning crews were still working on extinguishing the fire inside the building as you could see a fire truck still pumping water onto the upper floors of the historic home.

Video from the live Youtube Channel from the City of Northfield on Division near the historic home showed firefighters still on the scene this morning at 7:15am. Although it was tough to see the entire picture due to icicles from the water used to put out the fire were blocking a portion of the screen.

The Archer House's website describes the Archer House as being "Lauded as “an episode of the grandest proportions in Northfield’s history” upon its opening on August 23, 1877, Archer House Hotel quickly became a town landmark. Nearly 140 years later, its reign continues."

Image credit: Youtube User City of Northfield - Division Street
Image credit: Youtube User
City of Northfield - Division Street

KSTP-TV reports that the fire is being investigated and that more information will be released after the investigation is complete, but as of this morning the floors of the building are "currently unstable, so crews are unable to go inside."

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