Remember last week when it was so cold in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin, Mother Nature was trying to kill us?  Now she is feeling sorry about her behavior and giving up some 30-degree weather again.  We might be nice in Minnesota but we don't forget.  We just add more layers on and get ready because we know Ms. Mother is going to do it again.  Next time she does, you've got to try this hilarious trick!

Toilet paper in carton craft box in plastic free store.
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Hilarious Trick To Try When It Is Freezing in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, or Wisconsin

@therealminnesotacold posted a video that caught my attention the other day that I thought was so funny.  Now, fyi, it involves wasting a roll of toilet paper but now that we seem to have plenty sitting on store shelves, I think it is ok for us to waste one roll.

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If I were to waste a roll of toilet paper, it would have been from the one package we could find at the store back in 2020...and it was HORRIBLE!  Well, it did the job but the reason why it was horrible was because it smelled.  Yes, it was scented toilet paper.  I didn't even know that was a thing we could buy until the pandemic hit.  Obviously, since it was the only package left in the store, it isn't a big seller.

Grab your least favorite roll and check out the hilarious trick below:

I told you it was funny!

What fun and unique things have you tried when it is below-freezing in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, or Illinois?

I know a family that froze their jeans in their front yard last week.  It was pretty funny, but then a crow landed on one of the pairs, and it became the poop perch for birds.  IKR?!  What outdoor fun have you tried when it is so cold your nose hairs freeze?  Let me know over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio - maybe I'll try it with my family next time.

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