Tuesday while I was at Pork Congress I walked around the trade show floor. There were all kinds of business providing products and services to Pork Producers. There were many companies providing equipment, construction, lighting, renewable energy, feed, processors, animal health products, and even companies that specialize in remodeling barns. It was quite interesting to see how computers and cell phones are being used by Pork Producers.

There are sensors that let Pork Producers know if their feed bins are empty, how much each sow is eating in a day, what the temperature and humidity is in a barn, if there is a problem with the water supply, the list goes on and on. If there is a problem a message is sent to a cell phone. There are even cameras that can be installed in a barn so Pork Producers can check on the behavior of the pigs in a barn when they are not there. All this technology to keep pigs as comfortable and productive as possible!

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