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A task force of the Minnesota State High School League will deliver recommendations to the MSHSL board of directors Tuesday, August 4.Four options are being considered according to a report in the Star Tribune, which got its information from a virtual meeting Thursday of more than 345 member school officials.

Those options range from starting on time, reducing the seasons by nearly a-third, shifting fall sports to spring, and holding a practice-only season in the fall. The idea of flipping fall and spring sports is reportedly not on the table. Fall sports include volleyball, football, soccer, cross country, girls tennis and girls swimming and diving.

The high school league issued a press release Thursday. While stating the guidelines of the league's Return to Participation Task Force, the release did not mention the options being discussed. The task force will address the board on Tuesday with its findings.

The guidelines include "Prioritizing the health and safety for all to the greatest extent possible...Align return to participation options with the requirements and recommendations of state organizations and agencies...Provide an opportunity for education-based participation...Demonstrate equity and fairness...Acknowledge financial implications...Apply guidelines consistently."

The task force consists of "activities administrators from throughout Minnesota and is assisted by league staff."

The governor announced Thursday that school districts will have the freedom to make individual plans for the coming school year with the guidance of state health officials.

High school fall sports is scheduled to begin as early as August 10 for football teams that have a 'zero week' game. That includes New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva. The main starting date is August 17. Roughly half of the state associations around the country have announced some sort of modification to their sports calendar.


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