It was another great Heritage Days Parade in Faribault Saturday evening. I happened to be number 18 so I was at the beginning of the parade this time. Over the years I have been early in the parade, to the end of the parade. Maybe it was good I was early in this years parade. I was through the parade route, had the tractor loaded and back to Jim's before the rain started.

It is fun when I am driving in a parade and I hear someone calling to get my attention. It sometimes is hard to locate the person when you look toward the curb and all you see is a lot of people. Of course all the kids are in front with little pails or containers to put the candy in. It is also fun to try and get the little kids to wave at me as I drive by even though I do not have any candy. For safety reasons almost all the parades do not allow you to throw candy from parade units.

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