A very special dedication was held early this week at the Dakota County Fair. It was the dedication of the Henry and Katie Fox Show Arena. It was a surprise to Henry, so there was a lot of organizing and deception by Henry's family and friends to keep him away from the show arena until the program. The 4-H Program and Dakota County Fair were very special to Henry and Katie. Henry has been a Dakota County Fair Board member since 1947. That was a year before KDHL went on the air!

Henry was one of the founding members of the Happy-Go-Getters 4-H Club in 1939. After his 4-H career he went to the Dakota County Fair Board with a list of ways the livestock show could be improved. The Board must have agreed with his ideas because they appointed him to the Board and said go do it! At that time the Dakota County Fair Board was made up of mostly professionals; business owners, bankers, lawyers, county commissioners and "now a young wet behind the ears farmer named Henry Fox."

Henry and Katie's passion for the Dakota County Fair and 4-H carried through their 6 children, and 19 grandchildren, 2 of which are still are actively involved in 4-H. Yes, it was a well deserved honor to have the Show arena at the Dakota County Fair named after the Fox Family!

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