Construction crews were working on the road outside of Chatfield Body Shop when they came across something they didn't' expect. They had discovered a headstone dating back to the 1870s! KTTC says the construction crews "were doing concrete paving there as part of a project along Highway 52."

The headstone belongs to Almira Caw. She was married to Joseph Caw and, it turns out, the Caw's were some of the first people to settle in Chatfield, according to KTTC. That's really cool and all but how in the world did a headstone end up outside of Chatfield Body Shop?

Kurt Dudek, a member of the Chatfield Cemetery Board, told KTTC, “'My guess is that she probably died earlier, because you notice the date, her death date was 1879 which is long before any of [her family members]. So they probably had her at a very, very rural cemetery or someplace that there wasn’t a lot of graves.'”

He also guesses that her family ended up getting a family gravesite, they moved Almira there, and left the old headstone. KTTC reports that Kurt "is hoping to get the old headstone and have it permanently placed at Almira’s final resting place."


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