With school back in session, it's a good time to evaluate your driving habits. Are you keeping an eye out for kids? Are you passing stopped vehicles illegally? Maybe your foot has gotten a bit heavier over the summer months. You'd better be on your best driving behavior along a certain stretch of Highway 13 as the Scott County Sheriff's Office is ramping up enforcement. 

Scott County Sheriff Luke Hennen put out a press release reminding drivers to get back to the basics for the first few weeks of September as they will be focusing on increased enforcement along Highway 13 in Prior Lake.

The stepped-up enforcement will run along Highway 13 from County Road 21 to County Road 42.

“Community members have expressed much concern about motorists violating traffic laws on this stretch of roadway,” stated Sheriff Hennen in the press release.  One of the focuses will be on drivers misusing turn lanes as bypass lanes.

The extra enforcement will run between September 3rd and September 16th, and in addition to more officers, deputies, and troopers on the roadway there will also be digital message signs along this route in an effort to keep everyone safe as drivers transition from summer into our back-to-school routines.

In a social media post, yesterday morning the Sheriff's Office posted the early total number of violations cited and warnings given to motorists.

It doesn't matter where you are driving, slow down and keep an eye out for kids.

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