Do you remember when you saw snow for the first time? I grew up with snow so I don't remember my first snowfall. I know a few people who moved to Minnesota at an older age and they were so in awe of the snow when they saw it for the first time! That wasn't exactly the reaction that a Hawaiian monk seal at the Minnesota Zoo had, however.

The Minnesota Zoo shared the hilarious video on their Facebook page earlier this week. Their Hawaiian monk seal name Ola was introduced to a pile of snow that Zookeeper Jenny had brought in.

The sound that Ola makes in response sounds like she's scoffing at the snow! Same, Ola.

I'm pretty sure the sound is to clear her nose of the snow after stuffing it into the pile, but it's way funnier to think that she's scoffing at it.

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Animals are the best. Did you see my other post from this week about the pet sanctuary in Minnesota? It's one of only a few across the country. There are animals from around the world who come to Minnesota to find a forever home at this sanctuary. They come to this sanctuary because they would have been euthanized otherwise or they have something going on that causes them not to be able to be adopted.

And if you keep scrolling you can learn more about animal sleeping habits throughout the animal kingdom.

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