It's that first holiday weekend to get out and enjoy the outdoors. I don't know how bad they will be this Memorial Day weekend with all the rain we have had. But it's a good idea to be bug aware.

Now a couple of weeks ago I told you about the CDC's (Center for Disease Control) concern for blacklegged ticks, or deer ticks, and the Powassan virus. And what to do to be ready to deal with those bugs.

Well there are a few others to watch out for. Like are old friend, the unoffical Minnesota state bird, the mosquito.

TSM Library
TSM Library


Dusk and dawn is when these annoying things will attack the most. They like to put their eggs in shallow pools of water. They can carry the West Nile virus, and it could seriously harm you or, in a few cases, kill you. If you have to be out during the peak times, wear repellent and cover up exposed skin as much as possible.

Horseflies and deerflies. I remember being at scout camp and we went swimming and these things loved to attack if we came up out of the water. They mainly pack a mean bite, but in Minnesota typically do not transmit any diseases. Protect head and neck areas with repellent or clothing.

House centipedes. Nothing to worry about here. Some people just get freaked out by the many legs and how fast they move. You can find them outside, or in basements or bathrooms. They like damp places.

House centipede


Many people hate yellow jackets that are getting busy right now. They build nests anywhere, even in the ground, and they can sting multiple times if you bother them.

They have shiny, non-furry yellow and black bodies. You can use a spray for wasps and hornets if you find a nest, but deal with it in late evening when they are less active. Or get a professional.

Enjoy the outdoors. But be smart.

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