Monday afternoon's Crop Progress Report the USDA said 91 percent of the beans had been harvested. Fortunately bean harvest has been pretty well finished in our area. It has been a while since I have seen an unharvested bean field. However, using the USDA's planted acres, projected yield 9 percent of the beans unharvested represents a little over 300 million bushels of beans are still in the field! Remember the USDA is projection a 450 million bushel bean carryover this marketing year.

The USDA said about 25 percent of the corn crop is still in the field. Again using the USDA's planted acres and yield there would be a little over 3 billion bushels of corn still in the field. This marketing year the USDA is projecting a 1.9 billion bushel corn carryover. It is going to be a slow process getting the rest of the corn harvested with wet fields, high moisture corn and light test weights with the late planting and shortages of propane and natural gas.

The markets do not seem to be the least little bit concerned about all the crop still in the field. I am quite certain there will be a lot of corn that will remain in the field until spring. Depending on the winter you could see sizable yield losses or very little. It all depends on the snow, freezing rain, wind, and how much the racoon, deer and other critters eat!

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