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Staff at the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District's (WLSSD) Materials Recovery Center in Duluth had quite a surprise last weekend. They discovered on Saturday that there was a hand grenade left in the mixed waste area of the recycling center.

That must have been so scary to make that discovery! I would not want to be one of those employees that found this grenade just hanging out in the recycling center, no thanks.

The WLSSD shared more information about the incident on their website. They said that the grenade was "wrapped in bubble wrap and found inside a metal tin in the mixed waste area." When they discovered the grenade they cleared the recycling center of customers and closed for the rest of the day.

Local authorities were contacted and were able to move the grenade to a safe location and were able to get rid of it. They believe that it was left simply for disposal and not with the intention to do harm.

The WLSSD warns that if you ever come across explosive material that you should not dispose of it yourself. If you see explosive material you should move away to a safe place and call 911 so authorities can come and take care of it.

For those working at that recycling center, that is quite the way to end 2020! Speaking of 2020 coming to an end, let's take a look back on the year in photos.

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