My guest on today's AM Minnesota will be Sam Ziegler, director of Greenseam. The vision of Greenseam is to build on existing ag business prominence across the southern Minnesota-northern Iowa region, maximizing a growing economic marketplace. The idea is to be the premier ag business epicenter in the United States, the most diverse, balanced and sustainable. I have heard it referred to as becoming the "Silicon Valley of Agriculture."

Greenseam got started when leaders in agriculture began thinking about what this region has in terms of agriculture production, processing and all the business here to support that production. In addition there are many colleges in the area to provide a well-trained workforce that is critical to the success of the region. The Greenseam region has more than 800 ag-related business. I guess it is not unusual if you have spent your whole life in an area involved in agriculture, that you might not really recognize what the area has to offer! It is a lot and we will find out more on today's AM Minnesota program at 9:30.

Sam Zigler Provided Photo