I believe last week was the first time this growing season I complained about the weather! This had been one of the most perfect growing seasons I could remember, and the very good corn and soybean yields reflected that. Then we saw the other shoe drop. We had eight inches of snow and temperatures more than 20 degrees below normal. Then after the eight inches on a Tuesday there was another 2 or three inches the next weekend! Needless to say all harvest and tillage was put on hold.

Needless to say it was distressing reading the weather forecast the last couple weeks. Then later last week and this morning it was very exciting reading the forecast for this week! Sunshine and temperatures much above normal. Friday the projected high is 69 degrees! It sure was fun reading that forecast this morning too! Farmers will take advantage of this nice weather to get back at harvesting corn, getting tillage done and a lot of fertilizer will be spread. Plus, for areas where it is approved anhydrous ammonia will be applied too.

In fact down in southern Minnesota by my farm many farmers were back in the fields on Saturday. I even saw the Coop injecting anhydrous ammonia and another neighbor was injecting hog manure. Plus, many livestock farmers need dry weather to bale up corn stalks for bedding. This warm dry weather will allow corn stalks to be baled too! Maybe soon it will all be done and we can look back and say Mother Nature sure smiled on us in 2020!


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