It is Washington's birthday or Presidents Day, so that means the grain markets are closed today. The grain markets will open at their normal time this evening for the overnight session. As Gordy pointed out, this is only a United States holiday so the rest of the world will be trading. Normally that does not make much difference unless their is some major market-moving news that is a surprise to the market.

Maybe it is a good thing the markets are closed today. Thursday until about 30 minutes before the close corn and beans were holding pretty well. They big fund selling hit both corn and beans and continued Friday. By the close, corn was 4-5 cents lower and beans were down around 11 cents a bushel. For the week corn lost 6-1/4 in the march and March beans lost 26-1/2 cents a bushel. Sometimes there is a change in direction during a long holiday weekend. Let's hope that is the case this year.

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