Many farm groups and organizations were not pleased when Governor Dayton vetoed the Omnibus Agriculture Policy Bill a few days ago. Then Wednesday Governor Dayton vetoed the Omnibus Supplemental Budget Bill that would have provided $250,000 for mental health counseling services for rural Minnesota. Finally Governor Dayton vetoed the Omnibus Tax Bill.

Governor Dayton said he vetoed the Agriculture Policy bill because of a provision in it that reverts authority for soil loss back to the county level, not the Board of Soil and Water resources. The provision giving the Board of Soil and Water Resources authority was included in the 11th hour of the buffer legislation in 2015.

Apparently Governor Dayton vetoed the Tax Bill because it did not include additional school funding. The Tax Bill would have conformed our Minnesota tax code with the Federal code that would have prevented a complicated tax season next year. It would have conformed section 179 for accelerated depreciation with the Federal code. It clarified language that would have prevented farmers from losing ag homestead. In addition there was language preventing local units of government from raising taxes on certain types of food or food containers.

I am not sure what happens from here other than waiting for the next Minnesota legislative session. I have heard Governor Dayton say he will not call a special session to work out these issues. I am quite certain politics are at play here by both Republicans and Democrats looking to the elections this fall.