It was a busy but fun day at the Goodhue County Fair. Looking at the forecast for rain I was wondering if it might keep some people from coming to the fair. The rain held off and there were a lot of people at the fair, I am quite certain rain would not have affected all the business and individuals that were at the Goodhue County 4-H Livestock Auction. They would be there to support the 4-H program in Goodhue County!

In the picture is Goodhue County 4-H member Hazel Volkmann thanking Mark S with Nelson Insurance and Vasa Spring Garden Mutual for buying the premium at the Auction. I left the Goodhue County Fair early this afternoon and all the numbers were not added up but I am sure it was a pretty good auction. There was a lot of active bidding going on all morning!

It sure was fun hanging around the Goodhue County Pork Producers Food building Friday and today thanks to the Pork Producers and the Goodhue County American Dairy Association!


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