Not that I have anything against snow, those who like to play in it or their businesses that depend on it. But it sure was nice to see most of it gone late Friday when I got home. I was not disappointed that we received only 3 inches instead of a foot that many forecasts were talking about. When I first heard the forecast it brought back bad memories of the snow storm in 2013. We did receive over a foot of snow that spring. However it was early May instead of late March.

Before that May snow storm in 2013, we were getting some field work done. I am not sure if their is a "scientific" reason, but that snow just seemed to change the entire growing season. It had been a pretty routine spring until the snow. It seemed to take a long time to melt and the soils just would not dry out. In addition we settled into a wet pattern that was very persistent. Remember 2013 was the year many farmers were forced to take the prevented plant crop insurance as fields were just too wet to get planted. Let's hope Mother Nature gives us a normal weather this growing season. I hope I never see land that can produce 225 bushels of corn an acre not planted again.