Every town seems to have that one family of ducks or geese that everyone knows about because they've decided to nest in a high-traffic area. They're especially popular in the spring as they lead their freshly hatched family of ducklings or goslings (no, not Ryan Gosling) through the busy section of town, usually causing traffic to come to a standstill. Parents point them out to their children and videos are quickly shared on Facebook, so of course, I couldn't help but share a video of a brood being led through the hallways of Bozeman High School in Montana.

For the past six years, this same mother duck has been nesting and hatching her ducklings in the safety of the high school's courtyard. According to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, "When the ducklings are ready to leave the courtyard, the mother duck taps on the courtyard door with her bill until someone opens the door."

This parade of fluffy little ducklings makes its way down the hallway past school offices and the cafeteria and out the front door to Mandeville Creek.

And this isn't the only run-in that Bozeman High School has had with wildlife. Back in 2015 a black bear made its way into the school but quickly left when it ran into the principal.

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