You want to get on a plane and skedaddle! You've had enough of Pine Island, Austin, Rochester, Zumbrota...wherever...and you just want to be gone for a couple of days? Do you have $29 in your pocket? You do? Excellent, then you're halfway gone.

Right now Sun Country is offering one-way $29 fares to a couple of places if you fly out of the Twin Cities. 

Michael Tracey
Ashville, North Carolina at Dusk (Michael Tracey)

MSP to Ashville, North Carolina (where, I hear, the ashes from fall bonfires, are used in home construction. In fact, I hear the entire town is made of ash, or it was when it was just a village*).


MSP to West Palm Beach, FL (where, again, I hear the entire city was laid out on Mike DouglascantrellVillson's hand. Huge hand, HUGE! They also have sun, BUT, are it's Florida, so, you know, a little column crap, a little column awesome*).

For $39 one way, you could hit up Denver, Colorado. In my estimation, that's the best place to choose. Been there, liked it, and I have a sister in Ft Collins, a short drive from Denver. So, maybe she and her husband Roger would put you up.

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If you want to go to Montego Bay, Jamaica, which would be an awesome trip, the price jumps significantly to $179 for a one-way ticket.

Considered the World’s best kept secret, the TCI are an easy escape – with an ease of connectivity from Miami, New York, Toronto or London (OR MSP!) We welcome visitors to enjoy our pristine and inviting beaches, experience our luxurious accommodations, indulge in our world class spas, treat yourself to delectable dining in paradise and revel in our culture and local traditions." (Source)

Want to take the flights? There are date restrictions, rules, plus you'll probably want to buy a return ticket, so go ahead and double those prices.


*Totally made-up facts.

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