February 14 is quickly approaching and will be here before you know it! This year it falls on a a Tuesday, so many people will probably be celebrating this weekend. Start planning now so you are ready!

Some people love Valentine’s Day and go all out, but for other people it’s dreaded and nothing more then a greeting card company holiday. I fall somewhere in between. I personally think overly lavish gifts are a bit much and should be saved for Christmas, anniversaries or birthdays, but I also think it is a nice opportunity to do something thoughtful for your significant other and celebrate your relationship. With that in mind, I’ve created a list of relatively inexpensive things you can do for Valentine’s day!


  • Go see a museum or art exhibit they would enjoy.

    Even if it doesn’t fit your interests, they’ll appreciate that you are out of your comfort zone.

  • Bundle up and head outside for a winter walk.

    Or spend some time ice skating or sledding and warm up with hot cocoa.

  • Get competitive!

    Challenge your significant other to go-kart racing or another game, or team up and compete against another couple in bowling or laser tag.

  • Re-create your first date!

    Did you go to some dive bar and play pool? Or maybe it was Indian food and a movie. Whatever it was, travel back in time and reminisce about how it all started.

  • Sign up to learn a new skill together!

    Planning a trip south of the border? Then Spanish classes might be a valuable and fun thing to learn together! Have two left feet? Sign up for a couple’s dance class, and even if you don’t improve, you get points for trying!

  • Go geocaching!

    It’s a treasure hunt and gives you a common goal.

  • Take a trip to the zoo or the arboretum!

    It is something you probably don’t get a chance to do very often and you’ll be amazed at how much fun you have watching the animals. Plus, being it’s not peak season, you can avoid the crowds.

  • Volunteer together!

    In addition to helping an organization/cause/people, you might get to see a whole new side to your significant other.

  • Split the day and each of you secretly plan half.

    Establish guidelines like cost and distance beforehand.

  • Go to a local winery or brewery.

    Take the tour, learn about the process, and then sample the products!

  • Laugh the night away at a comedy show.

    Or, catch a performance of a play your significant other would enjoy!

  • Go watch a favorite band.

    This gives you a chance to show off your killer dance moves.

  • Try something new together.

    It could be zip lining, sky diving, skiing, or anything else that interests you.

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