Friday night's weather was perfect for a evening at the Waseca County Fair in Waseca. The parking lot was filling up fast when we arrived around 6:30PM, so we parked about a block down the street. Once we got there I found out why the lot was so full. That night's grandstand entertainment was the Demo Derby, which is a favorite of every fairgoer regardless of what fair you're attending and by the sounds of it, as we were chowing down on some corn dogs and cheese curds, the crowd was getting a good show.

My son, daughter-in-law and grandsons joined my wife and I for last night's festivities which included some great free music in the food concession area, plenty of food, checking out some cool exhibits and going on the amusement rides.

If your going, Saturday night's entertainment in the grandstand is the Enduro Auto Race and Compact Car Race and starts at 6PM. Waseca Mayhem hits the grandstand on Sunday night with events like the 16-18 and Any Lady Demo, Power Wheels New Stock Lawn Mower Race and Demo, Two Trailer Races, Appliance Race, New Train Race and Drag Race. What are some of those races even about? You'll find out when you go.

We had a great time and there are plenty of fun things to do for the young and old alike at the Waseca County Fair.

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