Minnesota has been a leader Nation wide developing and promoting renewable fuels like ethanol. Today just about all the gasoline sold in the United States is blended with 10 percent ethanol. Remember ethanol is made from corn. Each bushel of corn produces about 2.8 gallons of ethanol. What is left after the starch is fermented is called dried distiller grains that is a high quality livestock feed.

For quite some time there has been talk about the blend wall. With almost all the gasoline sold in the United States blended with 10 percent ethanol it was thought that there would be no increases in demand for ethanol. This was called the 10 percent blend wall. Minnesota again is leading the way to break through the blend wall.

There are more than 22 million Flex Fuel (FFV's) Vehicles in the United States. FFV's can burn E85 or gasoline that is 85 percent ethanol. But, you need a gas station that has E85  available. Nation wide there are more than 4,000 E85 gas stations. Minnesota leads the Nation with 263 E85 gas stations.

So, check inside the fuel cover on your car next time you fill up. If there is a sticker that says FFV, flex fuel or E85 you can burn 85 percent ethanol. Then look for a gas station that has E85. Why not support your local farmers and economy?


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