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Four Minnesota artists created this incredible iceman sculpture a while ago and since its creation for a local awards show, it has just sat in one of the artists' garage. Until now! They decided to pull the 'frozen caveman' out of the garage and put him on display at Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis and people are loving it.

The artists who created this 'frozen caveman' named Zug Zug are Zach Schumack, Ian Molloy-Busse, Harry Hausk, and Gunnar Gapko. The block of ice is actually made out of Plexiglass with epoxy resin and, as Zach tells WCCO, his fellow artist Ian, who created the caveman, "'started with a mannequin actually and it turned into that and he really did an amazing job making it authentic and real.'"

With how opaque the 'ice' is you can sort of make out the caveman holding his tomahawk in there. “'I don’t think anyone has ever seen anything quite like this. This is quite an art installation out in the middle of the woods,'” passerby Ellen told WCCO.

Zach mentioned that it's a nice distraction from everything going on, it encourages people to engage with art and also spend time out in nature. This definitely accomplishes all of those things.

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