Halloween is right around the corner, are you ready to be frightened? If so, visit this ghostly attraction.

Duluth is a perfect Minnesota road trip stop! Being perfectly positioned on the North Shore, Duluth has everything you could need! From tourist shops to yummy, well-known restaurants and great piers. But, did you know, it's also home to one of the spookiest bridges in the country?

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Grassy Point Railroad Bridge is only accessible by watercraft. (I feel that makes this attraction even more mysterious.) Before you continue, check out pictures of the bridge here!

The eerie display of battered stuffed animals and worn baby dolls was created by Rick McDonald, who operated the old bridge before it started deteriorating. 

It is unknown why McDonald began fastening old beanie babies and clown dolls to the bridge. Perhaps it was for his own enjoyment or for the boaters who went by. 

Since McDonald's retirement, boaters have maintained the unsettling vibe of the bridge by adding their own stuffed toys to the structure. 

Held up by nails above the St. Louis River, the teddy bears and stuffed Disney characters dangle above the calm water as they fade and discolor from the sun.

Some have lost eyes, and others are only hanging limbs. Either way, you're sure to get goosebumps as you explore the treasures of people's past.

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The secret exhibit is most accessible by canoe or kayak. Just know, the bridge is still operable and does rotate back and forth to allow trains and large boats to pass. If a bell rings, know it's time to paddle backward. 

The closest boat launch is the Arrowhead Fishing Pier on Belknap Street or Munger Landing. 


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