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If you need a little help with your rent and/or utility bills, the state of Minnesota might be able to help, but Friday (Jan. 28) is the last day to apply!

Whether it's trying to deal with our ongoing pandemic or what seems to be skyrocketing inflation that's made just about everything more expensive this winter, many of us have been pinched in the pocketbook.

(And, as an aside, do you know anyone who actually HAS a pocketbook anymore? I just used that word for the alliteration with the word 'pinched.' But I digress...)

So if you've found yourself with more month left at the end of the money and are behind on your rent or utility bills, the state of Minnesota has a program called Rent Help Minnesota that might be able to help. According to the Rent Help Minnesota website,

If you have experienced hardship due to the pandemic and need assistance to pay your rent or utility bills, you may be eligible for COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance. This program was created to help Minnesota renters who are at risk of losing their housing due to the COVID-19 pandemic and reimburse property owners for missed rent payments.

Rent Help Minnesota was started nearly two years ago, during the shutdown phase of the pandemic, and is getting ready to disperse the 450 million dollars in funds it received from the federal government.

But here's the thing: That fund is being rapidly depleted, and so, the deadline to apply for financial assistance is 9 pm THIS FRIDAY, JANUARY 28th on the Rent Help Minnesota website.

Officials with rent help say you HAVE to apply on their site (RentHelpMN.org) and have a complete application filled out and filed by 9 pm. If you have started an application but have not hit “Complete” and then “Okay” on the last page, the site said, it will not be processed and cannot be changed after the deadline.

Get more information and see if you're eligible to apply HERE.

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