This is the fourth year in a row of low commodity prices. At this point there is not a clear sign of a turnaround. Almost all farmers myself included are wondering when better prices will return. It has helped that the last couple years we have seen very good corn and soybean yields. It appears yields will be good again this year but not quite what they were last year. The result is many farm families are under financial stress.

In response to many requests the University of Minnesota Extension Service is offering free confidential farm financial consulting for farm families. The  Extension service will be hiring 12 financial consultants that will be spread around Minnesota to make it easy for farm families to meet in person. Financial Analysts will have a background of farm business education, agricultural lending, and have decades of experience. I am sure it will take some time to get financial consultants hired but it will be a priority. So, keep in touch with your local Extension office if you feel you may benefit from the service.

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