Driving.  There are so many pet peeves that people have.  It's hard to mention them all, and it depends on what's important to you, as to what you think is the worst one.  There are the round-a-bout pet peeves.  Seriously, why can't people understand how to drive through these things?  There are only a couple of rules.  Seems easy enough to follow. 1) NEVER stop in a roundabout once you are in the traffic circle.  2) Yield to the left.  If someone is there before you and entering the circle, you wait for them to go by before you go.  Simple. At least you would think so.  Apparently it's WAY harder than you'd think.


Some people think that the left lane cruisers are the worst.  And yes, if you are driving in the left lane and holding up traffic, sometimes for miles, you are the problem.  If you are driving in the left lane and you get out of the  way if someone is behind you, or if you are going faster than the people in the right lane, so be it.  You probably shouldn't be over there, but if you are moving right along, whatever.

And finally, this one... I can't stand it when people swing out to make a turn.  If you are driving a big rig, like a semi truck, obviously you have to do that.  But if you are driving a regular car or even a normal truck, you do not have to do that, and it's super annoying if you do!  Just turn!  There is absolutely no reason for you to swing out to make a normal left or right turn.  This has been happening so much lately.  It bugs me SO MUCH!  Maybe I'll feel better now that I had a chance to vent.  Carry on!

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