There is nothing like working with family. I had my opportunity to spend many summers working alongside my grandfather, dad, two brothers, and my mom. Many days I miss working alongside them, while others I don't miss the work. According to ABC 6 News, five Spring Valley brothers have created a video game business and have a new game available in the app store.

The boys have created a game called Spoon Buzz. The idea behind the game is that folks will not play the game whenever they feel like it. They have to be invited to open the app to play. The video game is a lot like the card game spoons. The app will send an alert asking you to open it and the fast you open the app... the better chance you have of capturing the golden spoon.

The brothers said they used each of their strengths to come together and crate this game. Some are good at designing... others music and others engineering. Their combined skills are what make them successful. The fun doesn't stop there. The gang is working on updates as we speak. They told the reporter that they have around 80 users right now.

There are so many creative people out there it is awesome to see folks from our area finding success.

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