If you own land or real estate don't forget to get the payment in the mail today! Most homeowners do not have to be concerned about paying real estate taxes twice a year. Most home mortgages are set up by the lender with an escrow account. We pay a little extra each month and that money is used to pay the real estate taxes and the insurance. It is a nice service provided to homeowners. I suspect the real reason escrow accounts are set up is for the lender to know the taxes and insurance will be paid.

Louise and I get hit pretty hard with real estate taxes because we live in Faribault and do not get the homestead credit. I was wondering if maybe the deadline for paying the first half of real estate taxes would be delayed because of COVID-19 but I have not heard any news indicating they would be. I guess the County Governments and schools still need money to operate! So, get your real estate taxes in the mail today and avoid the penalty! For homestead land it is 2 percent and non-homestead it is 4 percent.


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