There is a new K-9 in town...

The Fillmore County Sheriff's Office introduced their "newest team member" on Facebook Thursday morning, as K-9 Russet joined the force. The Sheriff's Office shared a photo of the new K-9 along with a badge that is sure to get a lot of love.

The Facebook post also noted that Russet will be primarily assigned to the municipal airports of Fillmore County to "assist in the detection of counterfeit lefse, lutefisk, and components used in their manufacturing." Which has been a well-known problem in the area...or maybe a bit of an April Fool's Day?

In all seriousness, Russet is a great addition to the Fillmore County Sheriff's Office and the photo was just too cute not to share.

You can check out the photo and post from the Fillmore County Sheriff's Office Facebook page for yourself!

Personally, I have always had soft spot for K-9s. I grew up with one, as my dad was a K-9 officer for the Rochester Police Department and to me, he was a pet, especially after he retired. Even when he was at home while he was still a member of the RPD, he was fantastic around my brother and me. Then, when I got to see him in action during training, I was proud. That why MY dog. He could sniff out anything.

When my dad brought him to school one day so my classmates could see him in action, they were jealous.

It was awesome.

So, kudos to Russet for joining the Fillmore County Sheriff's Office team. We all know you will do fantastic work!


Sure, they're lies...but they also point to a fundamentally positive attitude about our lives in the greatest state in the nation (that just happens to have air that'll hurt your face).


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