Last spring, summer and fall almost every month our temperatures were above normal. Maybe it was "pay back" to Mother Nature because January of 2022 was colder than normal and February was much colder too! Temperatures in February were 6 degrees below normal. We saw temperatures drop below zero 20 times in February! There were a number of times when it would warm up but just for one day or night and then it would be cold again!

While an average monthly temperature of 6 degrees below normal is a lot, it was even colder in February of 2021 when the monthly average was 10 degrees below normal. It was a little drier this February too as we received only 4 inches of snow instead of the normal 10 inches. The frost depth at the Southern Research and Outreach Center at Waseca is a 22 inches which is a little deeper than normal. Tom Hoverstad Scientist at the Southern Research and Outreach Center said the frost gauge is in the weather station with a fence around it so it may be a little more protected. Out in the field it may be a little deeper.

While the first day of spring on the calendar is March 22, 2022 the meteorological winter is December, January and February. The winter of 2022 has been long and cold however, it was not as cold as last year. In those 3 months last year we were below zero 60 times! Click on the link above and listen to Tom discuss last months weather!

GALLERY: Remembering Past Minnesota Winters

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