Friday morning area farmer and Pioneer Seed Dealer Brent Fuchs and I visited the Jefferson Elementary third grade classes in Faribault. We talked to two third grade classes for about an hour and then moved down the hall and talked for another hour to two more third grade classes. This is part of the Faribault Chamber of Commerce Agri-Business Committee's 'adopt a third grade program."

I went out to the grocery store and bought a lot of food items that all the third graders would recognize. I also have pictures of a tractor, planter, combine grain drier, grain bin, truck, plus corn and soybeans growing in the field. Brent and I then explain how we grow corn and soybeans and relate that back to all the food items from the grocery store that have some form of corn and soybeans in them!

Brent and I try and get them to understand that without farmers they would not have any food to eat for lunch that day! Then this spring the Faribault Chamber of Commerce Agri-Business Committee pays for bus transportation through grants to take the third graders out to visit a farm!


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