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After another long, cold spring here in Minnesota, it looks like Mother Nature could be changing her ways, at least if you believe the latest summer forecast just released from the Farmers' Almanac, that is.

I'm friends with a couple of meteorologists who often just roll their eyes when I bring up any type of long-range forecast released by sites like the Farmers' Almanac. However, after the long, cold and snowy winter (and spring!) that much of Minnesota just slogged through, maybe a steamy forecast for summer isn't such a bad thing.

And, if you're looking for steamy weather, you'll likely enjoy this summer outlook just released by the Farmers' Almanac. According to their latest summer forecast, things will be getting a little hot up in here, with possible record-breaking temperatures that could make this summer the hottest summer in the last century.

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The Farmers' Almanac summer outlook is predicting a warmer-than-normal summer for most of the nation, and said we're likely in for a 'Summer Sizzler':

Our forecast is pointing towards a long, hot summer with the heat feeling unrelenting, hanging on from June through September. Even regions in the north will see very warm temperatures, and for some places, dry conditions as well.

Specifically here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes and much of the upper Midwest, the Farmers' Almanac notes that our summer will be 'Broiling' and 'Wet.' This would definitely make things steamy and would be a much different scenario than the extreme drought Minnesota experienced during the summer of 2021 and the somewhat dry summer of 2022.

Just to the east of us, parts of the Midwest could see 'Warm to Hot Soggy' conditions this summer. Checking the map below, it looks like the Pacific Northwest might have the best summer outlook, with 'Average Temperatures - Dry' in the outlook.

Will this summer outlook actually come to pass? I'm guessing we'll just have to wait and find out. But you might want to make sure your air conditioner is all tuned up and ready to go, just in case!

Courtesy Farmers' Almanac
Courtesy Farmers' Almanac

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