I did not have the privilege of meeting farmer Charles "Bud" Sedlachek but reading about him I wish I had! I know we would have gotten along great, not just because he loved John Deere too, but because he was a farmer! I know and have known many other farmers that loved orange or red, the bond was you were farmers! Plus, you loved being a farmer and it defined who you were!

Some may say it was a bit extreme to want to be buried in a John Deere casket? My though is, what a tribute to a man who was proud of what he did and the equipment he relied on. Bud remined me of my dad that passed over 6 years ago. My dad was not buried in a John Deere casket. But he was taken from the church to the cemetery after the funeral by a restored John Deere 4020. It was a side counsel, factory cab with air conditioning.

attachment-RUSSEL'S 4020

This 4020 was owned by a farmer right across the road Russel and Rita Bathke. Russel grew up there and knew Dad his whole life. It was Russel's idea to take Dad to the cemetery with his 4020. All my Brothers, Sisters and Mom thought it really defined who Dad was, a farmer that relied on John Deere equipment too! Bud was 83 years old when he passed, my Dad was almost 87. Sure, you were sad, but on the other hand you were happy because they spent their whole life doing what they loved to do.

I have heard people that complain about their occupation and do not want to go to work every day. You are a lucky person that loves what you do and look forward to every day!

Image Credit: Youtube user KARE 11

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