Nominations are being sought for local Farm Service Agency (FSA) County committee elections.  The USDA FSA is encouraging all ranchers, farmers and others that use FSA programs to take part in the nomination process. The local county FSA committee allows grassroots input and local administration of federal farm programs. Committee members "become part of a local decision making and farm program delivery process." A county committee has from three to 11 members.

Committee members are elected to a 3 year term. Eligible candidates should actively participate in the operation of a ranch or farm and be well qualified for committee work. A producer is eligible to be a County FSA committee member if they reside in the Local Administrative Area in which the election is to be held and is eligible to vote. Individuals can nominate any other person or they can nominate themselves. Signed and dated nomination forms must be delivered to the County FSA Office or postmarked by August 1, 2018.

The election will be early this fall by mail in ballots. If you would like more information go to the USDA web site or contact your local FSA office!


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