There is always a special program in the Wick Forum Building on Thursday afternoons to wrap up Farmfest. It is the University of Minnesota Extension Farm Family of the Year Program! For a number of years I have had the honor of introducing and describing the Farm Families of the Year and all the activities they are involved in.

If I am not mistaken there are 87 counties in Minnesota. On Thursday afternoon about 80 County Farm Families of the Year will be honored at Farmfest. Even though these families are very busy, they are also involved in many community and church activities as leaders. While some of the families have not been in farming very long, the vast majority are third, fourth or fifth generation farms!

However, there is one part of the Farm Family of the year Program that is a little disappointing. The county Farm Families of the year are introduced in alphabetical order. Many then leave after they have gone across the stage and had their picture taken. I would prefer that they would go back to their seats until all the families have been honored!

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